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Rove, the ARIAs and why I WILL be the top mo bro

31 December 1900 23:00:00

Hi all in Fingerland.


It's been a very busy time with the release of "Golden Rule". Thanks to all of you who went online on the 12th of November to watch our live performance of the new record. It was much fun and great to play all the new songs live for the first time. We went to considerable trouble to decorate the room just for the evening, and I feel the personalised animal pictures definitely delivered the goods - my personal favourite: Hoggie’s “Horse”.


Since the webcast we have been concentrating on our up and coming shows at Homebake and Q150. All of us are really pumped about the set we have planned and I’m sure that most of you will be happy with the slight arrangement changes we have made to some of our older songs.


It was a great thrill to be a part of Rove’s last ever show. He came in to the band room ten minutes before the show and dropped that bomb on us. We played "Burn Your Name " after the show for the studio audience and Rove and his cast joined us on stage banging anything they could find and finished with Rove leaping off of my bass rig. Good stuff.


Movember is flying along and I can confirm to you that Hoggie and I are making a late charge for top mo bro. It has taken some time with our lighter hair but I think you would be very impressed with our “cookies” now. Don’t forget to vote for us.


The Arias are on tonight, so you will see Bern, Darren and Cogs at the event. You could feel the excitment in the band room yesterday. They have all slimmed down for the show, and Bern is showcasing his new hair do. A MUST red carpet watch.


We are really looking forward to getting back playing again, and I for one can’t wait to set foot on stage at Homebake, Q150 and of course the Big Day Out shows. We are all over the moon with the response to the record and enjoying the process of rehearsing.


Now with "Golden Rule" finally out I hope everyone is cranking it and you’re all finding your personal favourites. We had a great time writing and recording the record and we are all excited about the year to come. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I look forward blogging you all next year.


Until then, stay free.




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Addriene (23 April 2016 08:07:09)
At last, soonmee comes up with the 'right' answer!

Danni (29 November 2009 15:00:41)
New album is awesome guys! Can't wait to see you at Q150. I totally reckon Daz is gonna blitz the movember field coz deep down he's one hairy mo fo!

Richard Oliver (28 November 2009 21:52:58)
Great job, boys, on yet another excellent album. I got the deluxe edition shipped over to me in England and it was well worth the wait. I can't wait to see you over here again. Fair play on the mo growing, too!

Jo New (26 November 2009 17:15:58)
Love the new CD & i love the Mo's you guys are supporting. Great cause.

Joanne (26 November 2009 12:31:44)
Good to hear from you JC.
Liking the new album, but need to hear it more to find the ones I really like. I'll have to wait till the new year to see you guys again, can't wait!

Karen (26 November 2009 11:18:52)
I am stoked...i got my second 'Golden Rule' vinyl album today...& it wasn't damaged!!! (the first one was)....mind you i have it on CD too !!!! so damn good, can't stop playing 'Burn your name'.....Go The Mo Cogs!!!

Deb (26 November 2009 11:09:47)
live for the first time???

oh that's right, adult baby played that night. :)



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