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Support live QLD music

By Ian
11 March 2010 00:00:00

The Queensland Government is looking to close all venues at 2am or 3am. We are strongly urging all Queenslanders who enjoy going out to see live music to oppose this initiative. Says Ian, "Any strict lockdown policy is a step backwards in nightlife management. There will be a trickle down effect to not only venue operators and staff, but all musicians, dj's, visual artists etc etc, who will be affected financially as these venues make most of their money after midnight. It is not going to solve any late night violence issues that exist, in fact, putting everyone on the street earlier is likely to compound the issue. If Brisbane wants to be a modern city, with well managed night life venues, and have a thriving music scene,  this can not happen."

To show your support and find out more about the issue, visit http://queenslandlockedout.com/

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Tallin (23 April 2016 07:58:48)
This arlctie went ahead and made my day.

Whole (13 November 2015 22:06:16)
I'm very surprised that there is only one (very bad) pctiure of one of the finalists (EL TAZO!!!!!!!!!) What's up with that?And why are there so many pic's of the bands that didn't even make it further.I would have thought you would be promoting the winners . Hopefully this will be rectified after the next round of qualifiers.

Salman (24 October 2015 10:45:28)
Hi Rene,Sorry to hear your picture wasn't idecunld. Unfortunately we only have room for 25 pictures in our gallery, and it's possible that your shot maybe was a little fuzzy, so it didn't make the cut. Mariela the photo gallery is designed to give a picture of what the entire event was like. We do feature video of our two winners only (you can find them in the video gallery).Looking forward to seeing you both at the next round!Brandi.

Alexandre (24 October 2015 10:00:23)
It's about time soenome wrote about this.

Nikkii (20 April 2010 21:57:06)
Hmm this has nothing to do with the above, just thought this is quite funny I sat next to you at the Kev Carmody gig in Brissy and didn't even reconise you. Thought you didn't have a bad voice for a random bloke(haa ha)...
anywayz that's all :)

Mel (18 April 2010 09:41:44)
I do support live music in pubs, clubs etc but what I won't support is the drunken louts that get around and cause the violence in the valley (and every suburb in the surrounding areas). I love live music more than anything in this whole world, but as a single female, find myself sometimes scared to go out and enjoy what Brisbane has to offer in terms of a social scene. In saying this, I don't think closing venues at 2/3am will do anything to change this immature behaviour. By doing this, all we are saying to these people are it's okay to be angry out-of-control drunks (in a nutshell), but could you just do it earlier thanks? Why should the nightlife of the Valley (etc) have to suffer because dickheads cannot control their tempers while drinking. The police need to crack down more on these certain individuals. I've said it once and I'll say it a million times - PEOPLE, if you can't control your temper, DO NOT DRINK...YOU ARE KILLING SOCIETY. I SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC at anytime of the day or night!!!

John (12 March 2010 00:11:59)
Good on the Queensland government,should be more of it.

Caroline Greensill (11 March 2010 21:31:02)
thanks for bringing this issue heard. i support u guys 100%.

Jaxster (11 March 2010 20:15:07)
I would have gone to this protest had it not been for work :o(

a 2/3am lockout will only mean people will start drinking earlier/faster. This won't solve the issue with violence.

alex (11 March 2010 16:20:22)
you boys coming to the rally?

melisa (11 March 2010 16:13:29)
i'll not get started on my knowledge of the probelms that will arise from this. But i will say that one of the best ways to curb delinquency is by police presence. currently there is one officer per every 1000 people in the valley of a night. the violence mainly can come from angry drunk people who can't get into a venue- shutting these down earlier will not get rid of the problem. it will just damage our music industry and mean no place for people who want to work within that in whatever way

Aimee Tucker (11 March 2010 12:05:26)
Come to Mackay!! Support all of us that miss out on everything!! In Mackay we cant support live music cause live music never comes to Mackay!!!!

Zach Salar (11 March 2010 11:55:36)
Thank you guys so much for your push. We very much appreciate it.
Hope to see you guys there too ;)

Nat (11 March 2010 11:46:23)
Way to go mate! I went to the SLAM rally in Melbourne, an early lock out is bad enough, but closing the Tote full stop???? BAD. I am in full support of musicians getting a break in pubs and want to continue to see live bands playing til all hours.



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