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Powderfinger in South Africa!

By Ms Fanclub
01 July 2010 00:00:00

Powderfinger recently stopped over in South Africa on the way home from their last ever UK tour. While they were there they did play their own headline show in Cape Town, but in a fortuitous twist of fate, the World Cup also happened to be taking place. The band took in the Australia vs Germany game in Durban (let's not speak of that) as well as the Italy vs Paraguay game. Here's a few of Darren's pics!




Hogs enjoying the sweet sounds of the vuvuzela



Meet our new drummer, Teaks.





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kate (26 November 2010 16:12:04)
Daz looks like Where's Wally in his little striped beanie!

bronwyn (30 July 2010 12:24:01)
I believe your guitarist hit my boyfriend whilst in South Africa... I'm sure he ( my boyfriend ) was being an ass!!! apologies from me...

sharon (10 July 2010 14:04:50)
looks like you have been enjoying yourself.teaks looked frozen!i make have ahot cuppa tea. looking forwrd to the tour . bittersweet lastone. boohoo..

Ay0mail (09 July 2010 22:27:34)
Beautiful landscape, great bunch of blokes, nice flatcap Boof, you look like you come from my old stomping ground in Yorkshire, England and DZ - lovely hat.... Reminds me...time for a cuppa :0)

Great pix

louise (05 July 2010 15:22:45)
Looks like you guys had fun. New drummer...... I'm confused - Wheres Cogs?

jaye (02 July 2010 12:19:06)
sorry to hear of the team... wonderful pix

JCoR (02 July 2010 08:11:07)
wow that last picture, what gorgeous landscape! it looks like a painting!

i admire your ability to construct work funded holidays

Alison (02 July 2010 07:03:55)
Great photos, looks like you had an awesome time. Wish you would play one last show in New Zealand for all your kiwi fans we don't want to be left out.

Michelle Price (01 July 2010 20:13:29)
Great photos Darren. It looks like you had a great time over there. Good to have you home again though.

channah (01 July 2010 19:57:40)
ahhhh how I love Fashions In The Field! *cough*

I'm not convinced Hoggy's wincing at the vuvuzelas. He's got a look on his face that says 'Oh no! I've been busted with the black clothes/brown shoes combo again, and this time the shoes have white soles!'

Lisa (01 July 2010 17:42:34)
What do you mean new drummer?!?!

Lourens (01 July 2010 17:41:58)
You boys look like you had a great time in our little country! I'm really gutted i missed your show in Cape Town, and hope you guys will be back sometime so I can get to see you guys live again. Saw you perform in London at Shepards Bush a few years ago... One of the best gigs I've been to! If you are out here again, play a few shows up country too! Big live music scene in Jo'burg!



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