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Spot yourself in the crowd!

By Darren
02 September 2010 00:00:00

Darren is taking photos from the road while he's on the 'Sunsets' Tour. Check to see if he caught you!

Newcastle - 31 August 2010



Gold Coast - 3 September 2010


Brisbane - 5 September 2010



Tamworth - 7 September 2010



Wollongong - 9 September 2010



Melbourne - 10 September 2010



Melbourne - 11 September 2010


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Peerless (23 April 2016 08:10:17)
All of these articles have saved me a lot of heacsdhea.

Breanna (14 December 2010 09:56:41)
Hey guys.. please please put up a photo from the sunday 19th show at sydney. You were all awesome.. best night and i'll never forget it :) thanks for a great time.. goodluck in the future! hope to see you all out there somewhere!

Denice (10 December 2010 20:43:44)
I didn't know of Powderfinger until I bought this random CD and started listening to it back in PNG.
Coincidentally, my partner always talks about when he was a small young boy the many times he would sit outside his neighbors house at night listening to you all having band practice... and my...'how far have we come...'.
Love UR work guys.

Denice (10 December 2010 20:42:06)
I didn't know of Powderfinger until I bought this random CD and started listening to it back in PNG.
Coincidentally, my partner always talks about when he was a small young boy the many times he would sit outside his neighbors house at night listening to you all having band practice... and my...'how far have we come...'.
Love UR work guys.

Shazza (17 November 2010 15:45:55)
Saw your first gig in Newcastle it rocked! Saw you again in Sydney on 6 Nov still rockin, Best concerts ever. Love you boys, luv ya Bernard!! All the best for the path ahead..

CptGoodvibes (17 November 2010 03:14:23)
It is something special to experience and witness true Australian Music with the next generation of Aussie inspired music fans. I went along to the Brisbane Riverstage Concert with my son and had a moment in time that I will cherish for the rest of my days. I have followed your story through your live shows and albums and enjoyed some excellent shapes, sounds and melodies from some very talented musicans... Bravo Powderfinger Bravo!!

Terri (15 November 2010 09:34:34)
I took a sickday from work to buy tickets to the Sydney show 18th September, had to BEG two jobs to give me a week of vacation and flew round trip near 17,000 miles but the SHOW ROCKED and was so worth all the effort. Thank you for the many years of AWESOME music. PS I can't wait until the 16th to get the itunes album of the last ever show :):) Love from the USA

sheran harvey (13 November 2010 17:14:48)
Thank you Darren Middleton for reading my paper plane and giving me the fantastic photo! At Riverstage Wed 10th Nov. What an unreal guy!So nice of you.
Thank you also Bernard for reading my paper plane at Tamworth &th September and saying this songs for you Sheran! What an amazing experience and its on the Abbey Rd CD.
Cheers Sheran :)

Kylie (12 November 2010 00:06:10)
I was at the Newy show..think I can spot me and my girlfriend in the crowd. Just watched the final odyssey on abc. Must say I was very disgruntled with one of the band members comments 'we will never play together again'. I can accept there may be no 'new' sounds from powderfinger, but surely you won't deprive your adoring aussie fans of ever seeing you live together again. The sun may have set...but it will rise again in all its glory...it always does. My 8 year old loves u guys, (yes I have influenced her with my music just as my parents did) and I'm hoping that in the next decade or so we will be in the crowd together. Here's to the sunrise tour, my crystal ball says it will happen. You couldn't be so negligent with 20 years of legendary sound.

Cherie Duke (14 October 2010 12:10:52)
Was great meeting you guys today!! I'm sorry didn't see ya concert last night, but I did get to see ya at Big Day Out 2010. Good luck with the tour!! :)

Samm Fairey (23 September 2010 03:09:43)
And if I spot myself in the crowd (which I haven't, obviously you weren't at Adelaide or never made it in time to purchase a ticket?) I think I would have stood out I think I was the loner and the only one dancing where I was standing anyway. Everyone around me either needed to have a beer beforehand or a joint or whatever, they were a little bit mellow. Anyway enough of everybody else it was FANTASTIC!

Georgina (21 September 2010 21:24:31)
wow i can not believe it i am in this the in the far left of the photo my head has been cut off lol anyway it was and awesome concert

angela (21 September 2010 18:36:06)
Hi guys, Awesome show on sunday night in sydney - thankyou so much!!! we will miss you & your music. Hope you'll post a photo from syd on 19th - i was in the front row. Anyway, cheers guys & thanks for the great memories. You'll not be forgotten xxx

Katrina (21 September 2010 16:20:09)
Thank you for an awesome show in Sydney on the 19th. It was my birthday and I was so not disappointed. You rocked the house and we had a totally fantastic night. Thanks for all the great music. Very sad to see you go but wish you all the best in the future. Thanks again so very much. KT

Sose (18 September 2010 02:10:00)
I'm pretty sure NO photo was taken at the Adelaide gig! If there was though..post please! x

Thelma & Louise (17 September 2010 21:06:45)
Hi guys. thank you so much for an awesome show in Melbourne on the 10th. Worth every minute of the 12 hour trip.You made 2 old groupies vey happy when you signed autographs and had pics taken with us at the airport. Most gracious and accommodating band ever. Much appreciated. Take care and thanks for the memories. xx

lysss (13 September 2010 19:08:23)
post the photo from saturday night in melbourne!! :) you have put up the same photo for both 10th and 11th! i think i may be in the saturday night one!! i was close to the front!!! x

natstar (12 September 2010 17:54:39)
I see me at the Goldie gig. My eyes are shut and me mates hand s in my face. Now that's ROCK!!!

Bec (10 September 2010 20:53:38)
Naaah I can't see me...

Sheza (09 September 2010 23:48:10)
Also, could you please post the 2nd photo Darren took at Tamworth please? Thanks

Sheza (09 September 2010 23:43:16)
Hi guys! Thanks for an awesome concert on Tuesday night (7/9). I have to say it was the best concert I have ever been too. I just want to say a very big thankyou for including Tamworth in your tour. It's not very often we get international artists in this area, especially not like you! It was very much appreciated and will never be forgotten.
Cheers, Sherree x

jade (09 September 2010 22:03:02)
Had the best night ever on Sat 4th. I will miss you guys, but will always have awesome memories of your concerts.

Nikki (09 September 2010 17:46:45)
Brissy 4th was awesome!!! Certainly a night I will never forget!! So glad the rain held off!

Claire Bear33 (09 September 2010 13:37:13)
Sat 4 Sept - Best gig ever guys!!! Very emotional day for me as a huge & long term fan. But... I am happy you're bowing out gracefully! I've been on top of the world since Sat after high fiving you all on your way back to the main stage but gutted I didn't hear Don't Wanna Be Left Out. However am totally honoured I was able to get tix and say goodbye. x

christie (09 September 2010 10:49:45)
Hi Guys
Was at your gold coast show and just wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful night. :)
You guys rock and I am looking forward to getting my cd.
Goodluck with your future adventures and thanks so much for a wonderful 21 years

Jo (08 September 2010 22:37:04)
I was disappointed the guys didn't play on the 2nd stage on the hill at Riverstage in Brisbane on Sunday night. Enjoyed the night but felt we missed out considering we stood in the rain for hours to be there.

Brett Newton (08 September 2010 19:44:14)
Thanks for a great gig in Tamworth last night. It's been 15 years since I last saw you at the Roxy in Briz Vegas...the wait was worth it.

Tubby (08 September 2010 11:45:19)
Brisbane 4th - EPIC. Thanks guys it was tight, intense & emotional.

Can't wait for the reunion tour

ezza (07 September 2010 18:07:35)
Hey lads, loved Brisbane Sep 4 - when the sun sets for Powderfinger can one of you please run for PM? PLEASE?

pebs (07 September 2010 13:42:27)
no that's definately the 5th- he didn't take one on the 4th. and obviously we all took the raincoats off cause we didn't wanna look like losers in front of darren

erinn (07 September 2010 10:20:30)
hey guys, bris vegas on the 4th was awesomeness! you outshone the f1-11s, we'll miss ya!!!

Lee (07 September 2010 09:24:18)
Pretty sure thats definately Sunday 5th's photo, I see lots of ponchos in the background - front row didn't need them - they were sheltered by the stage. Such an awesome night, atmosphere was AMAZING!

nyki (07 September 2010 07:58:49)
Where is Brissy Sept 4th

mary (07 September 2010 00:18:20)
Think the dates are wrong,
everyone was wearing raincoats on the 5th! i think that photos actually from the 4th =)

Great concert!

Sonya Allcott (06 September 2010 22:11:52)
Where is the Brisbane 4th of September gig photo? We loved ya too! Awesome Show. Seeya in Mackay.

Dave (06 September 2010 18:19:53)
Sunday night at Brisbane in the rain deadset ROCKED guys. Thanks for the energy you pumped out to get us through the weather. Great gig!

Blake (06 September 2010 16:57:39)
hmmm.... theres some part of me that thinks there was a show in Brisbane on the 4th. oh yeh, i was there, front row, , right in front of darren, no photo. :(

Lisby (06 September 2010 16:33:46)
Never seen so many ponchos in one place in my life in Brisvegas on the 5th, awesome concert!!

mckerchar (04 September 2010 20:49:24)
i like the gig boyz and a great notion for the crowd interaction.

Jane (04 September 2010 08:05:46)
I know I'm in there somewhere. It was an awesome night, I never realised how hot your drummer is - WOW...

Kacey Bennett (03 September 2010 16:59:14)
Ahhhh Darren - we should have brought back a heap of the Fanatics Powderfinger scarves from South Africa with us to brighten up the Melbourne concert ;) Kacey

mick (03 September 2010 09:34:52)
great gig,flat crowd but awesome set list and performance.ty!



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