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Darren Middleton's Debut Solo Album 'Translations' COMING SOON!

31 December 1900

Hello 'Finger Fans


It's been already been busy 2013 for the band, and now comes the fantastic news that Darren Middleton will release his debut solo album Translations! The first single is called Let Go and will be out on August 30. 

Translations was recorded in Melbourne, featuring many guests and mixed in Los Angeles with Rob Schnapf (Dream Days At The Hotel Existence).

Show him some love at www.darrenmiddleton.com andwww.facebook.com/darrenmiddletonmusic , and don't forget to sign up to the 'Translator' mailing list for followup news.

Exciting times ahead!

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Johnelle (23 April 2016 08:22:31)
Okay I'm coceninvd. Let's put it to action.

Aldika (24 October 2015 09:33:12)
Hi! I just found your blog via a link in the Comments section on Miss Minimalist . I spent a few motnhs after college in Denmark, staying with host families and learning to appreciate the Scandinavian culture and calm the focus on others and good, cozy times, rather than stuff. Looking forward to following your blog thank you !

Lucas (07 September 2013 18:15:23)
Wow, I just stumbled aosrcs this a few days ago, it's a great piece, thanks once more. I've been playing it slowly but as accurately as I can (no point in practicing my mistakes) and it's come on quite well. Funny, I've had the same thing' as Alec with bars 7 and 19, but I just try and go with the rhythm and play according to that. I think soon I'll record me playing it and see how I sound. Doing all these things is something I've been inconsistent with in my learning, even though I know' it's the way forward. It seems to work, long may it continue.My next step is to get his classical book off Santa Claus and have my brain rewired by that. Thanks Al (sort of) for giving me someone else to rue the loss of, I'm still a bit down about MCA!!



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