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Seven Deadly Spins: the ultimate Powderfinger vinyl box set

08 December 2009

The silly season may be almost upon us, but there's plenty of reasons for 'Finger fans to get festive right now with the release of what we think is the ultimate gift for any fan - the SEVEN DEADLY SPINS DELUXE VINYL BOX SET!



Each box set contains:

  • Limited edition, hand numbered clam shell box

  • Powderfinger's seven studio albums on vinyl (including a new pressing of "Golden Rule" and the first and only ever pressings of "Parables for Wooden Ears", "Double Allergic", "Internationalist" and "Odyssey Number Five")

  • One free download of all seven albums

  • 24 page Seven Deadly Spins retrospective book, filled with rarely-seen artifacts from the Powderfinger archives, plus exclusive interviews in which the 'Fingers open up about the making of each album

What makes this really exciting is that "Parables For Wooden Ears", "Double Allergic", "Internationalist" and "Odyssey Number Five" have never been released on vinyl before, and the first pressing we did of "Golden Rule" sold out within days. Plus, you'll also get to feast your eyes on photographic gems like these.

These extremely limited box sets will be released on December 18th, however you can pre-order your collection now. Each box set is priced at $198 plus postage and handling.

TO PRE-ORDER IT NOW, VISIT http://www.powderfingerstore.com/shop/


As we said, stocks are extremely limited, so get clicking!

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Adiana (19 July 2016 01:08:36)
You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful aritlces.

Laicee (23 April 2016 14:04:11)
Taking the overivew, this post hits the spot

ross (07 August 2015 09:26:55)
I have mint condition unopened box set for sale.. email jrtranter@yahoo.com

Russell (24 February 2015 00:27:18)
Is there any hope that anyone can point me to a set? Really looking to pick up a set for the collection!!!

Andrew (22 November 2014 11:49:28)
If we can't have this again, how about Eight Deadly Spins with a vinyl copy of the Two Hands soundtrack included

Glen (19 August 2014 04:21:57)
A fan of Powderfinger & Vinyl

Mike (19 December 2013 16:54:41)
Gimme gimme gimme the vinyl please!

max (07 August 2013 15:53:13)
Re-issue on vinyl would be great.

Brendan (11 February 2013 14:15:04)
I demand a repress finger boys!!!

Kate Dobson (04 January 2013 12:14:14)
Is there any way I can get the vinyl box set. Please let me know.
Cheers Kate

Angela (08 February 2011 20:04:41)
i was just wondering if there is any left of this collection?

karl (12 November 2010 13:11:18)
I would like to buy the vinyl box set but I can not get to the shop page! can you help me. It is saying that there is no page available?

Jane Connor (13 September 2010 14:38:47)
My husband is dead keen to get his hands on a boxed LP set of the Seven Deadly Spins. Do you know where I could find one?

Kurt Farrugia (07 September 2010 21:56:22)
So dissapointed I missed out on this. Is there any chance of a second release? Im desperate for this!!!!

David Delaney (20 August 2010 15:59:55)
Am trying to order this set, but the purchase link doesn't work. How do you order?

Annie Roberts (06 August 2010 11:43:11)
I would like to purchase a box set but it will not let me.
What am I doing wrong?

Brad Gerecht (06 January 2010 00:55:00)
PLEASE COME TO TORONTO CANADA...and give me the heads up when you do :)

kenneth thomson (09 December 2009 01:47:39)
please let overseas fans buy the new box set. i had to order golden rule from red eye. also in the past yousent overseas



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