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Grey's Anatomy episode, featuring Powderfinger, on air Thursday!

06 May 2009

Earlier this year, we announced that the closing track from Dream Days at the Hotel Existence, Drifting Further Away, would be featuring on Grey's Anatomy in the US. Well, Australia has finally caught up, with the episode going to air THIS THURSDAY MAY 7th, at 8:30PM on CHANNEL 7.

To be honest, when the episode went to air in the US early this year, we were a little confused, mainly because the episode features Eric Stoltz, playing a serial killer about to be executed. But now that we've followed all the twists and turns and caught up with the US, we get it. It's a MASSIVE episode, definitely not to be missed for Grey's fans. Click here for a sneak preview. Be warned, spoiler alert!

A few sites in the US went a bit gaga when they heard the track in the episode:

“Many folks remember episodes by the music, S2 Ep27 Losing my religion is probably, in my mind, the most awesome music to film making I have seen.. it seemed almost as if Chasing Cars had been written just for that episode.. well I think this episode is right up there and I would expect to see Powderfinger (who I had never heard of before last night) to be on a lot of TV shows and be a lot more famous than they were before this show aired.”

“...Chandra Wilson took her own performance to a new level with the Bailey storyline, and last night's closing montage, set to "Drifting Further Away" by Powderfinger, was one of the best needle drops the series has ever used.”

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Emeline (23 April 2016 13:33:05)
Your post has moved the debate foardrw. Thanks for sharing!

Lakiesha (23 April 2016 12:53:25)
We've arverid at the end of the line and I have what I need!

Nova (24 October 2015 09:41:14)
The Diet Soap interview was inresetting: a polite collision of the standard, well-meaning, left leaning liberal idealism of the host, and your more realistic world view. (Your reaction to his use of the the word 'WE' was particularly inresetting)



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