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UK & Ireland tour postponed

19 April 2010

It's with great disappointment that we have to announce the postponement of our UK and Ireland tour, due to start tomorrow in Dublin. Unfortunately the band are still stuck in Brisbane due to the volcano-caused havoc the world is currently in. With no expected flight date forthcoming, we had no option but to postpone.

On the upside, Powderfinger will still make the trek over for what will be their last ever Northern Hemisphere tour. ALL TICKETS PURCHASED FOR THE APRIL TOUR WILL BE VALID FOR THE NEW DATES, AND PLEASE NOTE ALL VENUES REMAIN THE SAME.



Mon 31 May - Vicar St, Dublin, IRELAND

All tickets for 20 April show are valid for this show
Tickets from www.ticketmaster.ie

Tue 1 June - O2 ABC, Glasgow, UK
All tickets for 28 April show are valid for this show
Ph: 0844 477 2000
www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.ticketweb.co.uk OR www.tickets-scotland.com

Thu 3 June - Academy, Manchester, UK
All tickets for 27 April show are valid for this show
Ph: 0161 832 1111
www.gigsandtours.com OR www.ticketline.co.uk

Fri 4 June - O2 Brixton Academy, London, UK
All tickets for 22 April show ONLY valid for this show
Ph: 0844 477 2000
www.gigsandtours.com, www.ticketweb.co.uk, www.ticketmaster.co.uk OR www.gigantic.com

Sat 5 June - O2 Brixton Academy, London, UK
All tickets for 21 April show ONLY valid for this show
Ph: 0844 477 2000
www.gigsandtours.com, www.ticketweb.co.uk, www.ticketmaster.co.uk OR www.gigantic.com

Mon 7 June - O2 Academy, Bristol, UK
All tickets for 24 April show valid for this show
Ph: 0844 477 2000
www.ticketweb.com, www.seetickets.co.uk OR www.ticketline.co.uk

Tue 8 June - O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK
All tickets for 26 April show are valid for this show
Ph: 0844 477 2000
www.gigsandtours.com, www.ticketweb.co.uk, www.ticketmaster.co.uk OR www.gigantic.com
24 hr cc hotline: 0871 2200 260


If you have any further enquiries about the new dates, please contact the ticketing outlet you purchased your tickets through.

We apologise for any incovenience caused (blame Mother Nature), and we hope to see you all in what will hopefully be summer!

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Joan (23 April 2016 13:58:49)
Full of salient points. Don't stop beliveing or writing!

Scott Smith (11 May 2010 07:44:10)

Sure, if they agree to it.

Brixtonblonde (21 April 2010 04:57:44)
And the sun will be shining for the band I love (and miss damn it!). See you guys soon to introduce my British fiance to your brilliant music! Bring on June! :-)

Shaun (21 April 2010 00:12:01)

I have a 1 standing ticket for rearranged Saturday which I can't now do. So can swap 1 ticket with you.

Gonna-miss-ya (20 April 2010 21:55:19)
Hi all that read this (and hopefully the band). I was so looking forward to seeing the band (again) on 24th April and even more so when I realised it would be their last Northern Hemisphere tour! I was pleased to see they re-arranged, then distraught to realise I would be out the country for the re-booked dates! Argghhh! I appreciate the whole situation is out of the bands control, however, please please please could you put the gigs back slightly more to give people more time to re-schedule? A big thing to ask I know, but figured it was worth a shot to try and see one of the best live bands I have ever seen..........one more time!

Alex (20 April 2010 21:17:39)
Grr, how frustrating. I had 2 tickets for April 22 gig in London which is now on June 4, but don't get back to London until the next day. Anyone with tickets to the April 21/June 5 gig want to switch?

corneloup (20 April 2010 18:20:55)
i bought a ticket for the 24 april. the new date is the 7 june but i'm not available.
Can you pay me back? What are the modalities?

Ali (20 April 2010 02:27:50)
Arggh right in the middle of exams and after knee surgery.... not a chance now...

Chelsey (20 April 2010 01:35:26)
Thank you so much!! I am so glad you have rescheduled!! lets hope the volcano eases off and you will make it out here for May and June! See you @ Brixton!

sOOz (20 April 2010 01:15:46)
**Brilliant!!** well done to those working hard to reschedule. Am very pleased with the new dates, might be able to add an extra now. See you in May guys!!!

James (20 April 2010 00:50:01)
ah...too bad, was just getting excited.

Stu (20 April 2010 00:27:55)
Hey there,

Dublin date conflicts with Crowded house who are here on May 30th and 31st. As someone who has tickets for the Monday I hope you'll be able to move the Dublin show? I'm sure there are going to be quite a few people here affected by the conflict.


matt^ (20 April 2010 00:13:28)
Darn! Wish I could actually have made those dates :/ May need to reschedule and go to another venue while you're in the UK!

Hellie (20 April 2010 00:11:18)
Devastated Guys! However am really glad you are showing that Aussie gumption and are going to make it here in just two short months! Will try to turn up the sun for you :)

carmel kelly (20 April 2010 00:07:04)
Oh great. Have tickets to crowded house in dublin the same night!! Who came up with that date?

Tim (19 April 2010 23:32:27)
These days turned out nothing like I had planned!

karl mc dermott (19 April 2010 23:31:43)
Well guys, so glad you are going to make it to Dublin, even if at a later date, Seen you in oz last time I was there in Ballarat and had to wait extra night due to ripped tent, so think I have bad look with your gigs.Best of luck,

Pegs (19 April 2010 23:16:51)
I kinda saw that coming! Now I will beg my boss and hopefully reschedule everything for June. Greetings from Germany.
@Scott Smith thats an awesome idea can I come too?

Scott Smith (19 April 2010 23:03:58)
Another month?

Ah, fudgebiscuits.

I demand the guys go for a drink with me as compensation :p



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