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12 July 2010

As you all know, tickets to most of Powderfinger's final 'Sunsets' Farewell Tour shows sold out in milliseconds. The good news is that our production folk have been hard at work on the layout for each venue, while Ms Fanclub has been chopping our guest list numbers. This means that we're able to release a handful of production and guest list holds for the below shows, and we want to offer them to you!

Tickets to these extra shows are ON SALE NOW! Please keep in mind we're only releasing a limited amount of tickets to each of these shows, so you will need to be pretty quick off the mark in order to snap these babies up.


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Scout (23 April 2016 17:34:54)
Just checking in to say, H10;8ey„ to you, Jocelyn! Uncle Paul and I enjoy looking at your photos and reading your captions from time to time.Love you!Enjoy!

Open (25 August 2015 03:56:28)
Loving all the comments, and agree pactrrulaily with Helen & Scott.. les Mis was in a different league due to its west End Popularity, never the less, a real bobby dazzler. Favourite has many levels, so im going with The most Eurphoric feeling at a walk down angle. This has to be, for me, Toad of Toad Hall in '87. the 4 of us playing the main leads wore oversized, full face head pieces, and peered through eyeholes for the whole performances. As this was pre radio mikes we had to work incredibly hard to be heard (a challenge for even me; before you say it) We were not allowed to remove our heads until the last night, so as not to spoil the magic What a feeling!

kim (30 July 2010 21:56:15)
well, I have a ticket, all be it a nose bleed seat! but i shall rejoice in this , cause I got one!, ticket that is. Unreal, I've booked the baby sitter...blessing that yourr doing another show on the 6Nov, perfect time (the baby sitter's 21st was on the 21sept & refused to sit for any September jig..)deep breath, so I'm forever greatful 4 my nose bleed seat.,And I'm filled with excitment and saddness (I'm 40 and have NEVER bought more than 2 cds (was going to say album's but that was toooo long ago.Your the only band I have 5CD from...Cruel Sea comes in at two.Yep,thats it....thank's. c u 6th Nov kissy kissy, cause I have no smilies...cheese!

Jessica (22 July 2010 12:49:31)
How do i go about purchasing extra released tickets?
Thank you



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