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Production-held tickets released for weekend shows

17 September 2010

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Cayden (23 April 2016 13:02:00)
Thanks for shngrai. Always good to find a real expert.

Deepak (24 October 2015 10:19:28)
'Thanks for sharing this -it makes the exetdnipure of life and national treasure seem so much more reasonable than my limited mind can grasp.Indeedy revenge and kicking dirt in their mudhut faces really showed them.That's probably why their economy is tanking-oops i'm sorry .Isn't our economy thats flipping like a fish out of water.yep we sure showed them.'Jim, I can understand your anger, and I can respect that.I'm also pretty sure that *if* our 'balanced/proportional' response had gone accordingly as everyone thought it would...ie, nail Bin-Laden, and bugged out...with no detours to a Iraq, mind you, you would not be feeling this much anger towards my opinion.As it is now...yes, the whole thing is a massive cluster-fuck of epic proportions, and we got ourselves a good tight hold on a couple of landmines called Afghanistan, and Iraq.So, I'm reviewing my previous statement, my thoughts were along the lines that we were justified in going into Afghanistan, but our gov. did everything wrong that could possibly be done wrong, and so now...yeah...there we are making things worse...day by miserable day.I sometimes think it's like the police surrounding the SLA house...they fired so many bullets into the building that the dam caught fire and house burnt down; And what surprised the police was that it caught fire.What did they think would happen?Same with Afghanistan...anyway...just a basic disagreement with my reasoning, Jim, I mean nothing personal by it.



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