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Go The Hawks! AFL Grand Final 2008

Go The Hawks!

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Lettie (23 April 2016 13:14:16)
Cheers pal. I do apreacipte the writing.

Agung (24 October 2015 09:58:11)
Why couldn't they win you ask? = one name: Matt Hasselbeck. His over-rated game is only good at home . He is over the hill and in need of an anonencur's headset, NOW!. Put him behind some espn desk and let him retire already.Seattle's top brass is solely to blame for holding on to him two years too long, repeat TWO YEARS TOO LONG! IMHO it was post-2005 they should have begun their QB-rebuilding. 2008 was the cutoff year to release Matt. Matt's woeful superbowl appearance was clear factual evidence of his inability to standout as a leader at an elite level.Pundits forget that football is all about the Quarterback. It's thee most important position on field. Get with the program Coach Carroll and set your mind to replacing Matt Hasselbeck and brining in a better QB, now!

gjigloffff (02 June 2010 19:32:45)



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