Powderfinger (EP)


Powderfinger’s very first recording, the eponymous Powderfinger EP, was launched on 21 August 1992 with a gig at the Orient Hotel in Brisbane. It would later simply become known as ‘The Blue EP’.

Leroy Bath and Ian Taylor recorded The Blue EP at Broken Toys Studio (near the story bridge) in Powderfinger’s hometown of Brisbane.

As Powderfinger had taken their band name from a Neil Young song, it was fitting that their debut EP tipped its hat to the legend. Songs like Freedom referenced Neil Young’s knack for writing simple, catchy, laid-back rock songs. But it also brought something new and exciting to the table.

The Blue EP caught the attention of many Brisbanites, with some people feeling it was evidence that Powderfinger would be ‘the next big thing’. Just how big, no one knew. But with their first EP, Powderfinger had arrived, and set the tone for the next 20 years of their music career.

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Track listing

1. Take a Light
2. Sacrifice (Blackjack)
3. Freedom
4. If I Tried
5. Save Your Skin
6. Lighten My Load
7. It’s No Crime