What’s Bernard Fanning up to These Days?

Bernard Fanning has decided to pursue his Pre-Powderfinger dream to become a journalist. Just missing out on a cadetship with Courier Mail all those years ago is something he’s never quite forgotten…

Kidding! (You can breathe now.) We’re actually very thankful to the Courier Mail for that particular piece of bad judgment.

Instead—as you all know—Bernard Fanning has continued making music, releasing 3 acclaimed solo albums and touring a bunch in support of them.

Bernard’s songwriting may actually be getting better with age—especially if new album, Civil Dusk, is anything to go by.

Take lead single, Wasting Time, for examplea classic Bernard Fanning song­­ that gets under your skin with its emotional honesty and melodic mastery. It has more hooks than a pirate convention.

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