Vale Rollo

Rollo_ph Chris Converse, Kindly Supplied By Andrew Smith


Rollo was a unique and positive force on the Brisbane music scene. The countless gigs he organised for up-and-coming bands in venues and on barges and his nurturing of the people within the scene was incredibly admirable. Although “the Fingers” were in a different scene, Rollo booked early shows for us at places like the Treasury, and he was always gracious, friendly, cheeky and hilarious to hang out with. Whether the main memory of peoples is of Rollo playing “bottom trumpet”, or of him in gaff tape undies, it’s undeniable that he and his bands – particularly Blowhard – created an incredible and individual breed of punk, ska, rock and energy. Our thoughts are with the big man’s friends, family, band mates and colleagues. R.I.P