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We are on a schedule!!

By Ian
20 July 2009 00:00:00

Wow…it's one month into the recording pretty much. We better get started. We have not done a thing at all yet apart from talk about what we are wearing on Fridays, surfing, eating, drinking, sleeping and playing golf.

“Time is money!” I keep saying, but they simply won't listen. I have beaten them black and blue and chased them around the golf course, and soiled their fancy clothes whence I tackled them onto the cold dewy grass. They just won't listen.

“WE ARE ON A SCHEDULE. WE HAVE TO MAKE THE BEST ALBUM EVER OF ALL TIME!!!!” I shout to Cogsy and DZ when they’re in the green room at Lennox Heads. They just won't listen.

Nick knows it’s all fruitless now, so we will have to employ some locals to do the job for us. We have left it all too late. All applicants please apply to this address.

Actually, whoops, that was just a dream.

It’s actually going really well. BETTER THAN WELL! We’ve done heaps…. A couple more weeks of recording to go, then mixing, then hopefully all of you rabbits can hear something. As long as the powers that be don’t lose the finished product in the mail.

Bernard and I were actually talking about it the other day, and the first thought that came into our mind when we heard about the Tsunami warning was that everything would be washed away. It would be tragic that there was no evidence left of what we have been working hard to complete. It turned out we were safe, and that I needn’t have slept in my wetsuit with a surfboard strapped to my leg.

It seems that we have entered into overdub and credit wars. Everybody wants to be credited for everything. No egos allowed here. Actually they were crushed years ago…. But still, in the current race …Currently JC is Prime Chime Contributer Collins, Bernard is Dr Q Chord, Cogsy is Thelonius Feedback, DZ is Hurdy Gurdy Middleton, and I am the Master of all Sub-harmonic Vocals and just the general wizardry that you all know that I am brilliant at.

It certainly is cold though, so every morning we have our personal hand warming specialist drop through our room, and they nimble up our fingers for the day to get ready for work. Mine just left… so typing is not too hard this morning..

One more week til Splendour…… hopefully we can lure some of the people performing to come and contribute something interesting. Let's say…..Paul Dempsey on spoons, or something like that. There are many options, and we have worked out a secret method of luring them all into our studio. Beer! Amazing huh?

Anyhow, I am off now to do some yoga, and to swim with the dolphins. It truly is a beautiful morning down here.

We are genuinely excited about how this record is coming together, and can't wait to be able to share it with the cosmos.

So for now… I shall stop wasting your precious time. Go and wash your cat or put up your Christmas tree, and hug the person next to you for me and whisper in their ear…..”not long til the new 'Fingers album now”

Over and Out.


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Jayce (18 July 2016 22:42:53)
You've imeserspd us all with that posting!

Hayssam (24 October 2015 10:23:50)
Always reinfsherg to hear a rational answer.



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