These Days

These Days the members of Powderfinger continue to rock in their own unique ways. Here’s a brief insight into what each of them have been doing, post-Powderfinger.

John Collins (JC)

John Collins (JC) has embarked on a vastly different kind of solo project after life in Powderfinger—swapping his bass guitar for venue owner responsibilities.

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Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning released his debut solo album, Tea and Sympathy, back in 2005 while Powderfinger was on hiatus.

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Ian Haug

Ian Haug’s love of music is a palpable force that shows no signs of slowing. With Powderfinger behind him, Ian continues to look after Airlock Studios, and now plays in The Church.

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Darren Middleton

Darren Middleton has a stellar history of side projects and solo outings that started with Drag back in 2000.

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Jon Coghill

It seems that Jon Coghill (Cogsy) may have rocked-the-hell-out-of-the-music-world enough for one lifetime, and has turned his hand to something completely different.

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