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Blog Shmog

By Bernard
06 April 2010 00:00:00

Blog Schmog. Who has the time these days I say?  I have been promising the powers that be that I would write this masterpiece for a couple of weeks now. Firstly I used a volley of convenient excuses. .............Dog ate my homework etc.  Then I started avoidance techniques. ............ Answering my phone in a voice an octave higher than my own, you know, like when the video shop calls for overdues..............."Bernard, no sorry he's not here at the moment, can I leave a message?"  Finally the guilt got me.  Geez, it's like being back at school.  I feel like a SINNER!!!!

So anyway, despite our relative silence recently there have been lots of interesting new developments in the Powderfinger world.  Mostly we have been getting ourselves ready for our UK Tour which begins in the last weeks of April.  We've been dusting off a few of our older tunes and whacking them into shape so we have lots of stuff to choose from as we go out on the road this year. We tested a few of those out at the Youngcare show at the Tivoli a couple of weekends ago. We were the last in a series of surprise guests that included Missy Higgins, Tim Rogers and a mega juggler by the name of Joel Salom with Clare Bowditch, Julian Morrow and yours truly rounding out the bill.  Although I have a vested interest in saying this (I am the curator of the show) I believe that the night was a roaring success and the rumour that Lady Gaga would appear to close the night was only trumped by the appearance of the amazing .........US!!!!  I mean really, what would you rather see?  Someone cavorting around in a corset getting the girls out in the name of feminism?  Or the Fingers blasting out a few old chestnuts like Belter and Don't Wanna Be Left Out?  Hmmmmmmm.................I'll let you ponder that for a while.

Anyway, we followed the Youngcare show with another the next night in Melbourne at the Formula One Grand Prix. The show was great but the highlight of the weekend was JC and Darius both taking a bowel- clenching couple of laps in a Formula One car in the afternoon before the show. Darren kissed the ground on his return to the pit area and JC was on a high for the rest of the weekend after living out his Ayrton Senna fantasies. Overall it was a very satisfying and punishing weekend.  We were a pretty shabby lot on our return to Brisbane on Monday after quenching what had become an enormous thirst all through Sunday at the race.

On the following Wednesday we spent the day with our old friends Scott and Paul from 50/50 Films at the Spit on the Gold Coast, shooting a clip for what will be our next single "Sail the Wildest Stretch".  Basically we play a group of colonial soldiers fleeing a battle in which we had come off second best.  I would dare to say that it is a comedy and at this stage has a couple of endings. There are close calls with sharks, lots of rum swilling, a ferocious storm which threatens our very lives, an enormous marine predator, great acts of courage and finally, more rum swilling. Unfortunately there was no time for any buxom wenches to be included in the story!! So that video will hit screens in the next few weeks as we take off for the UK.

Anyway, this week we are having a press conference in Sydney to announce our next national tour. Hope everyone has had a bit of break over Easter and is taking it nice and easy.  We are getting excited about getting out on the road for our first real shows since we released Golden Rule in November and we hope everyone in Australia and the UK can make it along to see us during the rest of the year.

OK love to everyone.

Ciao  (that's european for goodbye)

BF  xx

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Lorren (23 April 2016 08:15:46)
That's really thkniing at a high level

Georgina (14 September 2010 10:15:10)
Okay first of all i totally agree about Lady Gaga seriously all i ever hear these days is gag this and gaga that honestly.....
But anyway on a better note i do not think you guys are awesome but totally indescribable oh and GOlden Rule is AWESOME!!!!!

Melissa H-G (28 August 2010 17:59:54)
Hey BF,
We're really looking forward to seeing you guys do your thing at the November 13th concert, Riverstage. Love your music, bit bummed we're seeing you for the first time...the last time.
By the way, hubby and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary .... can I ask you for a shout out to Mel & Justin?? Cheeky I know.
Thanks for the music,

chrissy (24 August 2010 14:30:46)
Love ya music to death.. it's awesmome and I'm gonna miss not looking forward to the next album.. You guys are legends though and your music will live on through the ages and generations to come.. I guess that's what they call immortal.. Can't wait to see you'se at the first and last concert in Brisbane.. Gonna rock!!!!.. lotsa love your fan Chrissy.. P.S Bernard I hope you bring out another album tea and symphony is def. one of my fav's... xoxoxoxoxox

Julia Hill (10 July 2010 10:36:49)
I have seen every concert possible from my perth days, bootleg brewery to london at shepherds bush empire (jumpimg 2 years in arow with bernard on stage) to sunshine coast concerts. I will see you on Fri Oct 8th. Cheers and love your work. Julia Buderim xxxx

lauren (13 May 2010 13:36:08)
hey my name is lauren and im 13 years old u r problaby not gonna read this but please do and could u send a message back or something? i have been listening 2 you and the band since i was a baby and love your music. i want to thankyou for all those great years of your awsome music it has got me through alot. i am now in year 8 and i am taking my music classes very seriously i am crap at everything else and music is my talent i play gutiar, bass, harmonica, drums and i can sing also. but right now i am doing a project on powder finger and your amazing song sunsets. one of the questions i have to answer is what the song is about and i am getting confused with the meaning what is the song about? it would be pretty cool if i could put u in my biblography so it would be a masive help. i love u guys and my parents are going to your concert in sydney unfortunatly they couldnt afford tix for my sister and i but im shure it will be a great 1. i was sooo devo wen i heard you were breaking up but all good things come to an end i guess... anyway thankyou for your time and goodluck for the future xx

jan (13 May 2010 11:09:52)
when i first arrived in aus 10 years ago, 'my happiness' seemed to be eternally playing on the radio and i loved it. my intro to PF and never looked back. 10 years, a marriage and two kiddies later you're still my faves and my 8 y/o son loves you too. for me, my experience of this amazing place is intertwined with the PF soundtrack....thanks xoxoxox

amanda (11 May 2010 21:16:58)
that's it. i'm officially over. my brissie days of warm sunny rocking fun are over. set with the sun. with the fingers gone, so is my youth....blahhhhh!!!!

amanda (11 May 2010 21:16:10)
that's it. i'm officially over. my brissie days of warm sunny rocking fun are over. set with the sun. with the fingers gone, so is my youth....blahhhhh!!!!

Melanie (06 May 2010 10:49:46)
would it do any good to beg you guys not to go...?? best years of my life spent listening to the Fingers.....will miss you big time...thanks for the memories!

gdog (05 May 2010 22:11:50)
THANKYOU SO MUCH for announcing extra shows... :)

Rampo (05 May 2010 11:04:23)
So Sad to hear that an era of the best Australian Music since the easybeats is comming to an end.
On Behalve of our band 'Minority Sun' Thank you for the Inspiration over the years. There will never be another Powderfinger, Best of luck guys.

Rachel (02 May 2010 21:57:48)
Shattered about the end of the 'Finger. However, got my tickets for the Ballarat concert. It's my 30th birthday on the same day so I thought what a way to celebrate! I guess it was meant to be.

san (30 April 2010 18:30:16)
while i sit with a g&t (gin and tonic), looking over the blogs on a friday night i cant help but be hell excited that i was lucky enough to get tickets in the fan site pre release to the last show you guys will play.. Unless u turn into john farnham and come back a million and a half times...

I find it also the end of the most amazing group of artists. I have followed the group since double allergic was released and at the time promptly bought all of the earlier stuff released while having never missed an album since.

The memories that have been made with powderfinger as the sound track are both powerful and plentifull.

So thank you guys, and the best of luck with what follows...

And yes i am one that hopes that the most amazing voice that is Bernard Fanning will not be fade...

maybe some more solo stuff..

Fingers crossed and best to you all.

Samm Fairey (29 April 2010 23:37:53)
I would like to wish you all my best wishes and good luck with your next journey in life. It is amazing how we have a passion and follow it but there comes a time when we have to move on and be who we have become. You have given the most inspiring music over the last twenty years ( and I bet that makes you feel old as I am feeling it )but now it is time to grow with your families. I am looking forward to seeing the sunsets tour in adelaide. Ciao and love from Samm xx

Karyn (29 April 2010 19:28:18)
Disappointed you're disbanding? Sure, but more than that I'm gutted you're not coming to Wellington, NZ, as part of your final tour. Sadly can't make it to Oz - would kiss the job goodbye but the kids won't look after themselves. They're fans too, especially my boy, Bodhi,almost 9, he's been a fan since he could talk. I guess the old albums will just be worn thin until they no longer exist. Hope we see you here again Bernard, loved your gig at the Indigo. Cheers, Karyn

Joanne (28 April 2010 15:26:37)
Hi Fellas,
Im excited --- just purchased my concert tickets. And can't wait til october.Im sure bendigo will put on a great sunset for you guys. Looking forward.
'love is as Love does'
Hooroo (thats aussie for bye)

Tara (27 April 2010 22:51:35)
Hey Bernard. Just found out - almost simultaneously - that you guys were moving on 'further down the road'...AND coming up to Darwin late September...can't wait, will be a 'ctacker' and you'll surely get a Sunset and a half NT style when you're here. Was also wrapt you're supporting Yalari - they're a great mob. Thanks for the Music, the poetry, the stories...
'Bobo' Kriol for 'see ya round'!

Sandy (25 April 2010 11:03:16)
Really looking forward to seeing you in September. Best of luck in your future ventures & who knows maybe you'll do a reunion tour in the future
have a blast!!

Rachel (21 April 2010 13:29:33)
That was a blog and a half Bernard. I cannot wait for September to come. It will be a fantastic show no doubt. Now that you will have nothing to do, can you come and teach me to play my guitar? I think that is what instrument it is...it's hard to tell because of the layer of dust on it.

Sharon (20 April 2010 01:24:35)
Blog schmog!...looks like you published your first novel! I admit i don't have the time either as i'm reading this 2 weeks later, hmm.sorry.
Well we are looking forward to seeing you guys again here in Adelaide, hope we get good tickets for the finale'.Polish up the golden oldies real nice for us ay:)

Bon Voyage
(french, 4 good journey)

sue (18 April 2010 19:21:34)
Hi Bernard. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that the ash clears in time for a safe flight over here to ireland. loved powderfinger's last show in dublin and adored the show that you gave us at mercury lounge in nyc a few years back. very excited for the chance to see you again.

peace and luv

Andy (16 April 2010 18:52:17)
Hi Bernard,
Presuming you guys make it through the volcanic ash ok (!) I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at Bristol. Saw you last back in about 2005 so it's been a while and am bringing some powderfinger virgins to educate. Sorry to hear you guys won't be touring these parts again. Will have to come and see you on your home turf I guess (although that's sounds pretty appealing as I say it!)

see you in Bristol
ps any chance of the day you come?

michelle (16 April 2010 00:45:01)
BF - Thankyou for bringing 'Youngcare' to the masses. Our battles are now easier because of you. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou. PF - Many years, many events and many Powderfinger songs that connect them all together...the best band! The most beautiful songs! I wish you good things, always. x

Me! (14 April 2010 16:44:41)
Get a tear in my eye everytime I hear Burn Your Name on the radio-even BEFORE 'the announcement'-it's such a bewdiful song...especially when I'm missing my loved one O/S at the moment. Very sad that you're all disbanding, but hey, it only works until it doesn't! Looking forward to the concerts-and thank you for scheduling them so beloved will be back in time for them in Sept! hehe :) xox

liss (14 April 2010 09:06:56)
All I can say is....(Odyssey Number Five) Track 11.......
'Dream on together'

Rebecca (13 April 2010 21:53:57)
G'day, just like to say thankyou so much guys for your inspirational music. It has given me strength in happy times and some really tough times when nothing has helped. Feel like I'm losing a comforting friend. Good luck in your future music aspirations,and will be keenly awaiting!!

LADYFINGER (13 April 2010 21:36:03)
Dear Bernie and the boys. Feel like im still in mourning. Your music has been my inspiration even in dark times, it has brought me so much enjoyment. Thankyou guys and hope to hear from you all in your future music aspirations. Never say never as you never know after a break you may miss working together? Us fans hope so..

Tina (12 April 2010 20:45:48)
I will have to dust off my original Powderfinger shirt with a tribal pattern on it. I first saw you at ROCK AGAINST WORK at Metropolis Tavern and I was 17 years young! See you at your final gig.

Cassie (12 April 2010 16:01:04)
Devo about you guys callin it quits but I guess all great things must come to an end!! While livin in London your music was the one thing that could take me home when I was feeling homesick!! Thanks for the music and will defo catch ya's on tour in Cairns. Good luck!

Melissa Moss (11 April 2010 18:32:19)
I went along to the Youngcare benefit staged at the Tivoli a couple of weekends ago and I have to say it was truly awesome. As I work for an Association who supports people with disabilities, the night was an experience that I will never forget. Cheers to all the fabulous people who made the night a roaring success. But....(and there is a but), I am saddened to hear the news that Powderfinger are parting company, although I know all great bands must come to an end one day. A big Thank you to all the members of the band who have made my life in the past 20 years, worth singing about.....
I will see you at your concerts later on in the year.

Yours Musically,

Nee (11 April 2010 01:24:41)
So shocked and sad to hear about the decision....Thanks for producing such wonderful music that has had such a massive impact to so many people's lives including mine!! Can't wait to see you on tour!!!

Lisa (10 April 2010 16:24:40)
I was at the BDO in Perth and Powderfinger was once again fabulous. Bernard said a throw away line to Muse fans (gathering at the next stage)that they wouldn't have to wait much longer as Powderfinger were nearly finished. Guys you're one of my favourite bands but I also love Muse - there is room in the world for both of you. You are still on top of your game, relevant and a joy to listen too - it really is a shame you're breaking. Good luck to you all.

Alison (10 April 2010 07:12:22)
I've been on such a downer since the news came through that you're quitting. It's really sad you haven't included NZ in your tour schedule this year although you're going all that way to the UK. I'll really miss you guys. xxx

Julio (09 April 2010 22:12:12)
Guys thats sucks!!! Very sad. :-(

Will be missed.

sarah (09 April 2010 20:57:11)
So many emotions
I feel sad and empty right now. I dont know life with out the finger. Its like a friend just told me they dont want to be my friend anymore. I also feel stupid because your just a band and no one died. Whats wrong with me???????? Well at least you know youve made an impact. thanks for being awesome

Kym Breeze Artist (08 April 2010 21:47:54)
I enjoyed reading what you guys have been up to, and hope you tour our way again (Toowoomba)you were the best part of the tour..and Jon is the spunkiest drummer ever! take care and enjoy life x

Dan Yates (08 April 2010 21:42:56)
Looking forward to the Fingers revving up Manchester Academy on the 27th. First time that I'll see you live and so excited.

Pegs (08 April 2010 19:28:36)
Can't wait to see in London! Only 14 more sleeps to go! The long wait is than finally over!
I've introduced my sis and a friend to your music and they both love it.....and my sis and I have NEVER liked the same music :)!!! So, that saying something...I would say!! Have a save trip to London and have fun!

pmn (07 April 2010 14:14:44)
Was at the Tivoli this year. First Youncare concert and first time at the Tivoli and first time seeing Powderfinger live. Fantastic!!!! There is nothing else to say. Great cause and great job Bernard. Very inspirational. Will be there for the next one. When is it.... 22 months did you say?

Big E (07 April 2010 13:24:19)
I've been preaching the Powderfinger words of wisdom, and everyone is asking me.... When will they tour the US?

Nashville would be a good spot.

Denise (06 April 2010 23:38:46)
Good Luck on your UK tour! Any chance you will get to the Philadelphia area in the USA someday soon? Thanks!!

Pier (06 April 2010 21:24:06)
Hey guys,

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Vicar Street, Dublin.

Have been away from Aus for a while, but managed to get the vinyl copy of Golden Rule. Brilliant!!!!!

Can't wait for 20th April, and will be introducing a friend to your music on the night!

Safe travels,


Rebecca Molloy (06 April 2010 20:51:14)
I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves at the Grand Prix. I can't wait to see you guys in Birmingham on the 26th!

Steve Wemm (06 April 2010 17:28:29)
No buxom wenches..... Geez Bernie stop holding out on us :)

Can't wait to see the video anyway...

Also, you guys should do a show at the beach hotel in byron like franz did!!

nathan kelly (06 April 2010 17:01:42)
I hope you guys are going to make it up to Cairns on this tour...you havent been here since the great divide tour?????


Ayo (06 April 2010 16:26:16)
G'day, Bernard!

Jax is definitely on the money about your new video - we're expecting great things from you guys and the photos look promising.

Can't wait for the Aussie leg of the GR tour and, really, it's about time you guys came over to Bathurst for a gig - even mix it with the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars race weekend in October.

Seriously, you can't blame a girl for trying! :0)

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
(old saying for goodbye in Hull, UK)

Jaxster (06 April 2010 16:21:17)
Aw shucks Liz. In the event that I could/would have won a Logie I would have dedicated it to you.

Alison Jones (06 April 2010 16:12:03)
Hope you're going to include New Zealand in your next tour, please don't leave us out.

Liz (06 April 2010 16:07:16)
Well it's about time you blogged. 'Lazy' is the excuse that springs to mind. So will we see this said masterpiece in the near future?

Can't wait to see the video... Given there are no buxon wenches (I would've nominated Jax), do the great acts of courage revolve around the rum keg?

Glad to hear a tour is in the pipeline. No doubt we'll see you all then.

Check ya (Redcliffian for 'later'),

L-wag (06 April 2010 15:52:10)
I agree with 'Wings' down there. Please come back to North America soon!!

Andrew (06 April 2010 15:40:09)
You ruined something i expected... well not YOU, but your bloody bassist was too.... bassy... seriously it killed the show. (Q150)

Jaxster (06 April 2010 15:18:24)

You would have had plenty of time to write this blog schmog if you only stopped looking at your ugly mug in the mirror. I assume that takes up most of your day.

If the photos of the filming of the latest clip is anything to go by Jaxster (and the rest of the smartarses)are expecting champagne comedy.

Now as your penance for taking so long to write the blog go off and say 10 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Mary's and 3 Glory Be's.

Jax :o)

Wings of Celeritas (06 April 2010 15:11:49)
Dear Powderfinger Corporate, (attn: Mr. Stuffed Shirt)

Please send the boys to North America.

That is all. Thank you!

Lisa Harper (06 April 2010 15:05:50)
Woo hoo - can't wait for the tour!



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