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iTunes Live album - now with added banter!

26 November 2010

We've had a number of emails from fans that have purchased the "iTunes Live - Sunsets Farewell Tour" album from iTunes. The overwhelming response has been that you all want the between-song banter included, so we've done this! There is now a second version, complete with banter, available at iTunes (this is the 23 November version).

For those of you that have already bought the live album, we'll be looking after you! All you need to do is forward your iTunes receipt to itunes@powderfinger.com and we'll send you the full concert complete with thank you's and witty one-liners.

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Charlee (23 April 2016 07:35:39)
Keep these arcleits coming as they've opened many new doors for me.

eromiaUtire (05 June 2012 11:12:26)
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Troy Gorman (06 December 2010 01:04:02)
receipt #130013328418
Order Number1: MGQMHHB7Y5
Order number2: 1009917

Rhiannon (27 November 2010 10:32:26)
How long will it take the full version to be delivered after emailing the receipt?

Micha (26 November 2010 23:11:41)
I like to get it in Germany, too ... this counts for all DVDs and CDs, which are partially very difficult to order – and when possible, only for horrible prices ...

Matthias (26 November 2010 20:55:31)
Hey folks,

great news about the complete version!
Now can you make it available in Germany, too? The one released on the 16th shows in the german itunes store, but not the new one.
Would love to get it.


Kylie (26 November 2010 18:17:03)
Hi Paul,
There is a DVD of their last concert. It's available from Get Music. You need to pre order it though as it's not being released until the 3rd of December....

Paul Savage (26 November 2010 16:16:15)
i have asked this question before on this feedback thing, but got no response - would appreciate an answer please...
Why is there no live dvd of their last & final concert at Riverstage on 13th Nov?



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