Fingerprints & Footprints:
The Ultimate Collection


Fingerprints & Footprints: The Ultimate Collection is a 2CD compilation album that combines Powderfinger’s previous 2 ‘best of’ albums: Fingerprints (2004) and Footprints (2011).

Fingerprints & Footprints: The Ultimate Collection was released in 2011 and marks the end of Powderfinger’s 20-year career.

Tracks from every studio album feature on the compilation: Parables For Wooden Ears (1994), Double Allergic (1996), Internationalist (1998), Odyssey Number Five (2000), Vulture Street (2003), Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (2007), and Golden Rule (2009).

The 2CD set also includes Powderfinger’s flood appeal single, I’m On Your Side, and 4 unreleased songs: Bless My Soul, Process This, Empty Space and Silver Bullet.

Fingerprints & Footprints is truly the ultimate musical memoir of Powderfinger’s career, with 35 tracks across 2CDs.

Track listing

Disc 1: Fingerprints

1. Bless My Soul
2.  My Happiness
3.  Waiting For The Sun
4.  Pick You Up
5.  Passenger
6.  Don’t Wanna Be Left Out
7.  These Days (Two Hands Version)
8.  The Day You Come
9.  D.A.F
10. My Kind Of Scene
11. Like A Dog
12. Already Gone
13. Process This
14. Belter
15. Living Type
16. Thrilloilogy
17. Sink Low

Disc 2: Footprints

1.  Empty Space
2.  (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind
3.  Burn Your Name
4.  Sunsets
5.  Lost and Running
6.  Nobody Sees
7.  Love Your Way
8.  Since You’ve Been Gone
9.  I Don’t Remember
10. A Fight About Money
11. Who Really Cares
12. Sail the Wildest Stretch
13. Head Up in the Clouds
14. I’m On Your Side 
15. All of the Dreamers
16. Stumblin’
17. Silver Bullet
18. Poison In Your Mind