The Best Of Powderfinger 1994–2000


Powderfinger Fingerprints: 1994–2000

Fingerprints is the first Powderfinger ‘best of’ compilation album, released on 30 October 2004.

It spans the years 1994–2000, and features tracks from Powderfinger’s first 4 albums: Parables For Wooden Ears (1994), Double Allergic (1996), Internationalist (1998), and Odyssey Number Five (2000). It also includes two brand new songs: Bless My Soul and Process This, with Bless My Soul being released as a single.

(Tracks from the 2003 album, Vulture Street, would appear on their second ‘best of’ album, Footprints.)

Included on Fingerprints are 17 tracks such as My Happiness, Pick You Up, and Passenger, as well as the original soundtrack version of These Days from the movie Two Hands.

Rather than marking the end of their career, Fingerprints was a look back at some of the finest moments from the first half of it. To many fans it was the perfect, ready-made party playlist, and a great way to introduce people to the band.

When you listen to Fingerprints from start to finish, you’re reminded just how many great songs Powderfinger released in a short, 7-year period.

Next release: Dream Days At The Hotel Existence

Track listing

1. Bless My Soul
2. My Happiness
3. Waiting For The Sun
4. Pick You Up
5. Passenger
6. Don’t Wanna Be Left Out
7. These Days
8. The Day You Come
9. D.A.F.
10. My Kind Of Scene
11. Like A Dog
12. Already Gone
13. Process This
14. Belter
15. Living Type
16. Thrilloilogy
17. Sink Low