The Best Of Powderfinger 2001–2011


Footprints is the second ‘best of’ compilation of Powderfinger’s music, released on 5 November 2011.

The album includes tracks from Powderfinger’s 3 final studio albums, Vulture Street (2003), Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (2007), and Golden Rule (2009), as well as I’m On Your Side (a flood appeal single from 2011) and 2 new songs: Empty Space and Silver Bullet. Empty Space was released as a single.

Included on the compilation are songs like (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind, Burn Your Name, and Lost And Running.

Footprints is an impressive retrospective that looks back over the final 11 years of Powderfinger’s career. While only 3 studio albums span this stretch of time, Footprints isn’t short of a hit. It features 18 tracks in total, each of them marking a special moment in the life of Powderfinger.

Next release: Sunsets Farewell Tour DVD

Track listing

1.  Empty Space
2.  (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind
3.  Burn Your Name
4.  Sunsets
5.  Lost and Running
6.  Nobody Sees
7.  Love Your Way
8.  Since You’ve Been Gone
9.  I Don’t Remember
10. A Fight About Money
11. Who Really Cares
12. Sail the Wildest Stretch
13. Head Up in the Clouds
14. I’m On Your Side
15. All of the Dreamers
16. Stumblin’
17. Silver Bullet
18. Poison In Your Mind