Powderfinger Golden Rule

Powderfinger’s seventh and final studio album, Golden Rule, was released on 13 November 2009, 15 years after their first full-length, Parables For Wooden Ears.

For the Golden Rule sessions, the band returned to the comfy-couch—reuniting with Nick DiDia as producer, and choosing the serene location of Byron Bay to record.

Powderfinger were re-energised and enjoying making music together again. They jammed songs every day together in the band room (instead of demoing them at home, alone), and songs were flowing freely.

On Golden Rule, Powderfinger were back to their unified, unstoppable selves. There was less thinking and more fun—and it carried over to the songs. Singles like All Of The Dreamers, Burn Your Name, Sail The Wildest Stretch, and Iberian Dream lit up the airwaves and reminded everyone just what Powderfinger were capable of—and why we fell in love with them in the first place.

There’s a real sense of freedom to Golden Rule—and also a feeling of completion. Powderfinger wanted to go out on their own terms, clicking on all cylinders, and Golden Rule is a testament to their ability to write emotive, infectious, powerful and uplifting songs together. It draws on each band member’s strengths, and the end result is something quite beautiful.

The title track and album closer, Golden Rule, feels like it gives the listener a pensive wave, before turning and walking away. It’s a fond farewell from 5 Brisbane boys who became Australia’s best-loved band.

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Track listing

1. El Camino De La Muerte
2. All Of The Dreamers
3. Burn Your Name
4. A Fight About Money
5. Sail The Wildest Stretch
6. Poison In Your Mind
7. Iberian Dream
8. Jewel
9. Think It Over
10. Awake
11. Stand Yourself
12. Golden Rule