Transfusion (EP)


The Transfusion EP really ramped things up for Powderfinger. Just a year after their self-titled EP, Powderfinger, Transfusion dropped on 27 September 1993.

Local rock producer, Jeff Lovejoy, recorded Transfusion at Red Zeds in Brisbane, while Lachlan ‘Magoo’ Goold entertained the band by playing cricket in the hallway between takes.

Transfusion was heavier than its predecessor, and it was also a leap in terms of songwriting dynamics. The band was excited by what they’d created together—and as it turned out, so were quite a few other people.

Opening track and lead single Reap What You Sow was praised by local street press as ‘the loudest and most momentous recorded moment to come out of this town—or this country—in years’. It was soon picked up by Triple J radio station, and Powderfinger got its first taste of national attention.

There was also interest from various A&R scouts and record labels, with Powderfinger eventually signing to Polydor Records. After this, things really started to get interesting…

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Track listing

1. Reap What You Sow
2. Change the Tide
3. Blind to Reason
4. Mama Harry
5. Rise Up