Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning released his debut solo album, Tea and Sympathy, back in 2005 while Powderfinger was on hiatus.

Photo by Cybele Malinowski

How did it go? Tea and Sympathy, like the Powderfinger releases that preceded it, captured the hearts and minds of the nation. Stats-wise it did very nicely too: debuting on the ARIA charts at number 1, and going on to win a slew of awards—including Album of the Year at the ARIAs, and number 1 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 for Wish You Well—before reaching sales of 5x platinum in Australia.

Since Powderfinger’s final farewell in 2010, Bernard has released 2 further solo albums: Departures (2013) and Civil Dusk (2016).

Departures (which also debuted at number 1) serves up a welcome dose of swagger—rocking and grooving in all the right places—as Bernard explores new musical territory. And Civil Dusk sees Bernard drop an album of heartfelt, catchy-as-hell tracks, including Wasting Time—reminding us that he’s one of the country’s finest songwriters and performers.

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