OUT NOW: Odyssey Number Five – 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition


20 years on and we are honoured that Odyssey Number Five is still held in such high esteem for so many people, and the songs are pinned to so many peoples different memories. Similarly, the good, the bad and the hilarious memories of the ON5 sessions come flooding back to us when listening to this record.
ON5 was our fourth record and second with our main man Nick DiDia. The name came after our favourite “odyssey” that came from the daily experimental jams that we were having in the studio. These jam were how we “coloured outside the lines” during these otherwise pretty structured sessions that were the result of the intense preparations we had made for the record. The album at one stage was actually going to be titled “New Suburban Fables” after a lyric in this odyssey. We decided that the title was actually too similar to another release of the time – “Urban Hymns”.
After the completion of this record, we made our most concerted attempts to crack the U.S. market, but then 9/11 happened and everything came to a grinding halt. We remained at home instead, presenting our record to an Australia which had inspired the many comments about the way the country was being led.
It seems that all these years later, not a whole lot has changed with our leaders and many of the observations still ring true. Particularly with the trilogy of disasters in 2020. These Days were definitely not planned to be like this.
We hope that you love this re-issue and the extra bits and pieces attached to it (you can read more about that below). We thank you from the bottom of our little Brisbane hearts for coming along with us for the ride and we hope that we have injected a little happiness into your 2020.You can stream Odyssey Number Five Deluxe Edition now.

Cheers and we wouldn’t be here celebrating without youse all.Love always,

PF x