We got hacked—sorry. Re-follow us on Twitter to stay in touch

Social media has been a great way for us to reconnect with you guys. So you can imagine how we felt when we learned that our Twitter account had been hacked a few months back. Someone managed to take over our account and block all our followers. It was a bit shit.

Anyway, as a result, we lost every single follower we’ve ever had on Twitter.

We’ve now seized back the reigns, have unblocked all our previous followers, and are working to improve the situation—but we’re basically starting from scratch.

So…if you previously followed us on Twitter, you no longer do. And if you’d like to continue to get updates from us, you’ll need to go to our Twitter page (@powderfinger_au) and re-follow us.

Apologies for the nuisance, but these things happen sometimes.

See ya soon for a tweet or two.