An abridged history of Powderfinger


Where were you when you first heard, saw, felt and fell in love with Powderfinger? Were you old school and rocked hard to Parables for Wooden Ears’ mathematical riffs? Was it Double Allergic’s simplified songs that caught you? Was it the hits on Internationalist? Was it the album that cemented their status in Australian music, Odyssey Number Five? Or the album to redefine rock, Vulture Street? It could have been the album that nearly broke them, Dream Days at the Hotel Existence? Or was it their swansong, Golden Rule that got you hooked?

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Powderfinger Double Allergic
Powderfinger Internationalist
Powderfinger Fingerprints & Footprints: The Ultimate Collection


Welcome to the new website


We’re very excited to welcome you all to the new-look Powderfinger website! We’re hoping you’ll like it as much as we do.

Why the change? Now that we’re no longer playing shows and the like, it was time to build a new site that focused on other things, like the history of Powderfinger and all the music we made together.

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